Our services

MySportIncentive is an incentive marketing company, specialized in the organisation of sportincentive trips. Destinations vary between a soccermatch in Barcelona and a Formule 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, MysportIncentive operates globally. By giving your business relations and/or employees a once in a lifetime experience and by suprising them with a program that’s far from the ordinary, MysportIncentive touches and moves your people. The result: more loyalty, motivation and better results.

Quickly and easily designing your own sportincentive program or company break while having full insight in prices and possibilities. That is MysportIncentive. Freedom of choice and transparancy are charactersistics for our working methods: as part of our proposals you will receive an overview of possibillities and prices for your destionation(s) of choice. Subsequently you can tailormake your own program: your sportincentive.

In case you would request advice choosing your destination and/or program items, our team of experienced people is at your disposal (tip: get inspired by our Programs page). After the orientation phase MysportIncentive will be actively involved in designing, organising and accompanying a perfectly, fine tuned sportincentive trip. From the start one Account Manager will be at your disposal. He/she will personally coordinate the full project.